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"Trust but verify" is one of those phrases that remain fresh in the mind's eye. Centuries of human culture and social interaction had been driven by the opposing forces of individual free-thinking and dogmatic leadership/following. The world is once again at a precipice. The only power one has against many is the truth. Access to information was supposed to be the cornerstone of education, however, time scarcity has become a real threat to everyday thought. 

Progression towards full liberalization of information is a heroic tale for another time. But an uncensored internet is a wondrous incarnation of Johannes Gutenberg's ideal of information being free and available to all.

Given it's the year 2020, information has been weaponized and misleading. Statelligence originates that information must be verified by multiple sources, experienced, or originate from statistics. It must remain unbiased at all costs including ego. Only then can it be considered intelligence. Hopefully, you find the journey enlightening, entertaining, and rewarding.


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